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Package Details

Here at Run Further Coaching, there are two main packages we offer:


A one off SPRINT STARTER package, giving you a custom training plan (up to sixteen weeks long), based on your goals and aspiration - everything you need to get you over the finish line at your next event.

For those who are looking to take their running to the next level, we also offer the PERFORMANCE PRO subscription. This is our ultimate training programme, focussing on helping you improve and progress over the long term. You'll have unlimited contact with Coach Bex - giving you help and support when you need it, as well as fortnightly catch ups - and through Training Peaks, you will get weekly updates to your bespoke training plan, based on your progress, objectives and development.

With both packages, you will have access to a range of other information - including warm up routines, injury prevention advice, and different strength and drill exercises to really push yourself.

Take a look at the comparison below to see what meets your needs (please see our T&C page for a full breakdown of fees) - and remember to contact us today for a free consultation to discuss how to elevate your running with Run Further Coaching!




Free half hour consultation

Tailored coaching plan covering up to sixteen weeks of training

Warm up and cool down advice and drills

Fuelling, running gear and race strategy guidance

Constantly revised Training Plan - updated weekly via Training Peaks

Unlimited access to Coach through email and WhatsApp

Fortnightly phone or Zoom catch ups and feedback

Mental training, injury prevention, and recovery guidance

Strength and Drill exercises

Not sure what's right for you?

Contact the team today to book in your FREE half hour consultation!

Looking for something else?

Run Further Coaching can help!


Please contact us directly to discuss group classes and coaching, individual sessions or one off events and support!


Monthly fee 

(minimum three month subscription)


One off fee

(no subscription)

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